Building your first HTML page

Building your first HTML page

We are going to create our first web site.

Target Audience

The Target audience is 8th graders and above. This article is intended for Windows users.

Lets create a new folder “my-web-site” for our website so that we can put our files, pictures and videos into that folder later on.

Open Notepad.

Type  the following code.

Save the file as index.html under the “my-web-site” folder.
Now right-click the index.html and click open. This will open the file in your browser.

Lets learn some rules for our html page.
The DOCTYPE tells the browser that this document is a html page. This should be your first line in the file.

All your website content should go into the body tag. The browser displays the content that is inside the body tag.

The head tag is a special tag. In our website, we have a title tag inside the head tag. This will be displayed in the browser tab. We will learn about the head in detail in later session.

Re Cap

In this Simple demo, We learned the high level rules of creating a HTML page.

1. The first line of the page should be a DOCTYPE declaration which tells the type of file that it is going to display.
2. Then you start with a <html> tag and close with the </html> tag.
3. Inside the <html> tag, you will add the <head> </head> tag. We will look at the head tag in later sessions.
3. Inside the <html> tag, you will add the <body> </body>
4. Your content goes inside the <body> </body> tag.
5. Save the file as a html file.

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